Who we are

  Our values

At Economa, we are one thing above all – a mature and smoothly operating teamof specialists, with the drive, passion, knowledge, and experience to satisfy all customer wishes.

We react quickly and think clearly, because we know how important it is to act in a targeted and logical manner in an age of dynamic markets.

Once again, the importance of a strong community is evident here. We all value each other, creating a working environment with tangible positivity.


  Caring for the environment

Although we live in a commercially oriented society, a healthy environment and life itself are of the utmost importance to us.


  Understanding the customer

We put ourselves in our customer's shoes so that we may act in a customer-focused way.


  People count

We are a team – and consequently we discover every day how people's inherent qualities develop when treat them with the respect they deserve.


  Getting better every day

We learn from our actions and seize every opportunity to make things better.