Handling & Packing

  Handling & packaging

Care and reliability pay off particularly in the area of handling, as the aim is for all products to find their way through production without interruption – and forward-looking planning of buffer zones or communication between the individual machines/processes ensures exactly this.

This is another area where we are able to support you with our decades of experience.


  Criteria for good handling


  • High throughput

  • Suitable for future expansion(for product variants),
    can be converted for new/other products

  • Short set-up times, secured set-up conditions
    (queries, etc., poka-yoke)

  • Integration of quality-assurance processes



    Without the conscientious and dedicated work of our employees, the high level that we stand for would not be possible.

    After all, in order to achieve the best results, the best people are needed – in terms of knowledge and experience, team spirit, innovativeness, and cohesion!


      Examples based on projects implemented

    The following section is a small selection of items for which successful solutions have been designed and constructed as part of customer projects:

    • Circuit boards (assembled boards Depaneled boards)
    • Plastic housings
    • Stamped parts
    • Pressurized gas tanks
    • Automobile wheel rims
    • Injection-molded parts
    • Dishwasher tabs
    • Glass ampoules (for the pharmaceutical sector)
    • And many more

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