Robotics & Assembly

  Robotics & assembly

With more than 25 years of experience in constructing robot grippers and peripheral devices (such as feeders, etc.), we will be by your side with guidance and resources – see for yourself in a personal, non-binding consultation!
What is more, we also manufacture complete robot cells and full systems – more information on these can be found in the section about the Economa Workcell!

No matter the sector or field of industry from which your request originates – we will find the appropriate solution!



  • Reliable functionality
  • Simple operation
  • Minimal maintenance outlay
  • Transparent data from production
    (recording and provision of operating data at the request of the customer)
  • Compact design for low space requirements
  • Quick commissioning and production ramp-up on site ("Minimum time to market")

Our assembly solutions span a wide range of possible technical applications: from relatively small apparatus for manual workplaces through to fully automatic complete solutions!


  Integrator for Epson robots

As a Certified EPSON Integrator, we can look back on many years of experience and a large number of successful projects. We made a conscious choice to use EPSON, as we can obtain certain kinematics only from this manufacturer.

We prefer to use Scara robots for our projects. The outstanding price-performance ratio, high level of precision, repeatability, and ease of handling in everyday production tasks, make these robots our first choice.

  Exact down to the details

Our assembly solutions are specialized in and tailored towards putting components together reliably or preparing them for processing, even in the case of parts with complex geometries.

Frequently, the assemblies/components are then fixed to one another (screwed, glued, riveted, pressed in, etc.) and subsequently checked or measured to ensure the work has been carried out in a correct and dimensionally exact manner.


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