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We successfully launched this platform many years ago, in order to prepare one of our core areas – supporting our customers in the coin industry – with targeted, sector-specific information in the optimum manner.

For this, please visit our platform www.minting.eudirectly!

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in order to access all the information, we ask that you register on– after all, as we have already said, the website is intended as a platform for the targeted exchange of information, and we therefore think that registration makes sense. Immediately after activation you will have full access to all content.

  Compressed information, presented in compact form

At we present brief details regarding solutions and processes that we were able to develop in the course of our successful work for our customers in the coin industry.

After registering, you will find information on the following areas:

  • Handling
  • Weighing
  • Materials recycling
  • Visual check
  • Packaging


As well as German, the website is also available in English – no wonder, as some of our customers from the coin industry are based overseas. There is therefore a definite international connection, which we are very happy about.


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