Creative ideas – perfect solutions

In line with our motto "Creative ideas – perfect solutions", we consider the design stage to be of particularly high importance. In a sense, the design stage is when the engineer's idea first becomes visible – after all, it lays the foundation for the subsequent success of the project.

For us, the design stage is therefore a little like the work of an architect: it is now a matter of taking what has been discovered and developed in the thorough analysis of requirements and setting this down in plans – in order to create the optimal basis for the item that will later be constructed.


  The very latest 3D CAD technology

When it comes to design, we can look back on more than 40 years of experience. And a lot has happened since we swapped our drawing boards for the first CAD software – thanks to thelatest 3D CAD technology, many things are getting easier.

These days, our customers have the option of viewing the design as a 3D CAD model, either in-house at our site (with a personal meeting) or in their own offices. With this option, the customer has full technical autonomy– regardless of the platform, the customer can zoom in on the model, rotate it in space, select various views, and much more.

Summary: An ideal tool that shows you exactly what you will later receive.

  Design & implementation by us

We are happy to share our knowledge and experience in design matters and subsequent implementation with our customers at any time.

As well as complex tasks, this of course also applies to smaller projects!


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