Support Services

Thanks to our service, we support our customers and their projects from the very beginning.

The quality of ongoing support during the course of a project contributes to the shared success.

Not only do we comply with our statutory warranty obligation, for us, providing support even for completed projects is a particular concern. With our service offer, we ensure our customers enjoy durable, reliable operation – we are happy to provide support throughout the complete life-cycle of our systems.

Service options for Economa systems

  • Individual advising and planning on site at the customer's premises

  • Incorporation of new processes in the customer-specific environment

  • Checking of the legal framework conditions on site

  • Replacement parts service with short response and delivery times
  • Training sessions for customer employees (operating and maintenance staff)

  • Remote servicing (optional)

  • Hotline

Service options for third-party systems

  • Modernization of existing devices, machines, and systems, or of subsections only

  • Extension of existing systems and processes, finding and implementing ideal interfaces (mechanical, electrical, control)

  • Development of alternative solutions for improvement/optimization of existing processes
  • Update/upgrade of system controls and programs in line with the state of the art

  • Maintenance, inspection, elimination of weaknesses and repair
    on site at the customer's premises, or in-house with us where transport is possible.


Do you have questions about one of these projects, or are you looking for a specific solution to an existing problem? Contact us, we will be happy to advise you!