Outside the Box

"Outside the box" stands for solutions that are unconventional – whether in terms of their theme, execution, or purpose. They serve as inspiration to consciously think about things differently now and again.

And that is the real objective – to consider and test what happens when you move away from the everyday framework, designing and processing a project outside the usual parameters (the "box").

Austrian lotteries had new drawing machines produced by the Viennese company Economa

Time for change after 85,006 ball draws: Austrian lotteries had new drawing machines produced by the Viennese company Economa

“Everything stays better” - this is how you could characterize the newly designed lottery and joker drawing, which will be shown for the first time on Sunday, November 28th. The main actors are new drawing devices in a modernized ORF drawing studio.

Innovative elements combine with the tried and tested to create a new, more dynamic drawing concept. Cylindrical bases with an bevel at the top ensure a uniform appearance for all machines, and there are also Plexiglas elements that can be illuminated in different colors. The shapes of the mixing containers of the drawing devices remained essentially unchanged with the funnel (for Lotto and LottoPlus) and drum (for Joker).

The Austrian Lotteries also deliberately adhered to a mixing process caused by compressed air and a mechanical drawing of the balls, in accordance with the customer's wishes, but the processes were optimized. The result is accelerated drawing processes and more vigor in the broadcast. The balls themselves are unchanged and are still regularly and meticulously checked for weight, diameter and any damage.

Austrian added value

The Austrian Lotteries are particularly proud that, on the one hand, Economa Engineering GmbH, a specialist company for special machine construction from Vienna, has found an Austrian manufacturer for the new drawing devices, and on the other hand, that this project, despite three lockdowns and all the associated obstacles and difficulties, such as delivery bottlenecks in the materials used, could be successfully brought to an end after two years.

The renewal and exchange of the drawing devices will now take place after the previous machines have been in use for 35 years (Lotto) and 33 years (Joker). Or to put it another way: So far there have been 3,113 Lotto, 3006 Joker and 446 LottoPlus draws. If you take into account that there is a dress rehearsal before each live draw, a total of 85,006 balls were drawn.


Outside the box: Trail box system for Fabio Wibmer

Fabio Wibmer a leading star of the bike scene
and among one of the most talented riders in the saddle – no matter whether on street trails, downhill, or enduro events (see his CV below for more details). At Economa, we were very happy to collaborate with him on an unusual solution for his show course.
You could say it is a box system outside the box!

For its course in various trail shows, Economa has developed a stable, multifunctional and easy-to-transport system - the Economa Trail Box System: boxes, ramps and walkways of different sizes are built individually and stacked one inside the other to save space during transport (this System was made available by us as a material sponsor).See the making of here!



FABIO WIBMER, born on June 30, 1995, is theNational Downhill Champion and has been signed up with Red Bull since June 2017. Again and again, Fabio surprises with brave projects that have the world holding its breath – by way of example, his line on the narrow railing of a 200-meter high dam and his downhill skills on an old woman's bike went viral and once again proved his impressive creativity and courage.

Fabio's YouTube channel already has more than 200,000 subscribers, and some of his clips have gone viral, with over 1 million views. The young Austrian's social media channels are growing rapidly.

Alongside this, Fabio is still a student. He is registered at the University of Innsbruck, where he is studying sport management.

  The Economa trail box system

Watch the "Making of" this exceptional box system here!

Outside the box: Dog treadmill

For this "Outside the box" project, we would like to let our customer, Andreas Hauk, Vice President of the ÖVD (Österreichischer Verein der Diensthundeführer - Austrian Association of Service Dog Handlers), speak for himself.

"We principally use the dog treadmill for endurance training, but it is also used for building muscle and rehabilitation after injuries.

The treadmill has a very stable construction and a large running surface (in terms of both length and width), meaning it is suitable even for large and heavy breeds of dog (up to 80 kg).

Additional features: The manual height adjustment is easy to operate and an advantage in various special training programs."

"I chose this treadmill because, on the one hand, it satisfies all my requirements for a dog treadmill and, on the other, if any repairs are needed Economa, with its Vienna branch, can be on site quickly and replacement parts are easy to obtain.

What impressed me was the communication with Economa – the company likes to stay in contact with the customer, is always interested in further developments, and strives to fulfil customers' wishes to the best of its knowledge."

Andreas Hauk,
Vice President of the ÖVD

(Österreichischer Verein der Diensthundeführer - Austrian Association of Service Dog Handlers)



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