Transport Systems

When it comes to our transport systems, we want to support you with reliable components and tried-and-tested solutions from the field of materials handling.

We see ourselves as a highly qualified specialist for very small to medium piece weights (up to approximately 50 kg).

Example project: Assembly circulation system with goods carriers


This system is the realization of a typical circulation/belt transport system with goods carriers and a total length of around 12 m.

The purpose of the system is to apply thermal paste to a double-use printed circuit board, then to position cooling elements on top and screw these in place.

Both manual equipment processes and fully automatic process workflows are integrated into this hybrid system.

The central control system we use carries out individual processes, while also monitoring the data records to provide a plausibility check.



A. Goods carrier transport system, realized with the MiniTec TSG system in an ESD design with multiple goods carriers. The transport speed is approximately 12 m/min and can be regulated in line with the customer's specific requirements.

B. 3 manual workstations for equipment, which can all be operated fully autonomously and independently of the others' timing in line with the required system output, as well as being activated (operated) accordingly. Here, particular attention was paid to an ergonomic design and the best possible lighting of the working areas.

C. Automatic dispensing station for application of the thermal paste with customer-specific configuration options (quantity and position).

D. Visual check (image processing system) of the correct presence and size of the bead applied (thermal paste).

E. M
anual feed and automatic positioning of the cooling element

Screw connection of the cooling element with electronic monitoring, data recording and archiving

G. OK/NOK data output of the relevant assembly statuses on the goods carrier in question, and graphical display via an operating and visualization system developed in house, for optimum usability and provision of information to the system operator

H. Stop and advance stop stations including lifting and positioning stations

I. Converter between the assembly belt and return, in order to ensure that the goods carriers circulate at all times


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