Work Cell

The Economa Workcell concept

  The Economa Workcell

We have been implementing this concept successfully since 2010: for processing, assembly and test processes, and also for combinations of these processes.

And we are particularly pleased that our Economa WORKCELL won "2nd place for the best assembly idea" from the Deutsche Montagekongress [German Assembly Convention]. Discover the capability and flexibility of this concept for yourself!


The Economa WORKCELL is more than just a solution – it is a well thought-out, tried-and-tested concept
that offers diverse possible applications for a very wide range of sectors. Take a look for yourself!

The Economa WORKCELLis a universal robot cell with standardized functions for flexible production.

The Economa WORKCELL can be operated as an individual cell, or combined with others – it therefore grows with the task at hand.

For us, maximum flexibility means that the Economa WORKCELL can be adapted quickly to modified or new tasks with little outlay, in order to correspond even better to the short development cycles in product development – for the benefit of our customers.

The WORKCELL is equipped with automatic parts provision devices and/or a manual parts feed. The function modules (processing, assembly or testing and labelling units) are arranged in the working area of the robot.

Over the life cycle of each of these WORKCELLS, these function modules can be repositioned or replaced by another function module.

The "Economa Workcell" stands for work processes in which all steps carried out are logged, without any gaps, and are traceable – this is a great advantage for the manufacture of many products. This traceability is a particular characteristic of our systems, as the products are always located in a clearly defined position within the cell – either in the robot gripper or in the processing station. An unnoticed intervention by an employee is quite simply not possible.



Do you have any questions about our Workcell concept, or are you looking for a specific solution to a problem? Contact us, we will be happy to advise you!